The largest organization of physicians in Colorado, CMS champions health care issues that improve patient care, promote physician professional satisfaction and create healthier communities in Colorado.

The Colorado Medical Society is only as strong as its members. We thank all of our volunteer leaders for their participation on our councils and committees.

CMS Bylaws Committee

This committee periodically reviews the CMS Bylaws and makes recommendations to the CMS Board of Directors for updates.

Lee Morgan, MD (Chair)  
Jeremy Lazarus, MD (Vice-chair)  
Rachelle Klammer, MD  
David Markenson, MD  
Darlene Tad-y, MD  
Kamran Dastoury, MD, DDS   
Dean Holzkamp, CMS staff

CMS Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of CMS elective leadership (president, president-elect and immediate past president) plus the chief executive officer.

Mark Johnson, MD, MPH (Chair) 
Sami Diab, MD (Vice-chair) 
Patrick Pevoto, MD
Kim Warner, MD 
Hap Young, MD 
Bryan Campbell, CEO, Ex Officio, non-voting

CEO Evaluation Committee

The CEO Evaluation Committee is composed of CMS elective leadership (president, president-elect and immediate past president) and at least two additional members of the board of directors that do not serve on either the Executive Committee or the Finance Committee and have had at least two years of service on the board of directors.

Mark Johnson, MD (Chair)  
Patrick Pevoto, MD (Vice-chair)
Sami Diab, MD
Kim Warner, MD  
Edward Norman, MD 
Dean Holzkamp, CMS staff

CMS Finance Committee

This committee reviews the CMS finances and makes recommendations to the CMS Board of Directors.

Hap Young, MD (Chair)  
Mark Johnson, MD (Vice-chair)
Sami Diab, MD   
Patrick Pevoto, MD
Dean Holzkamp, CMS staff

Strategic Planning Committee

This committee meets 3-5 times in the summer or fall to prepare the annual CMS strategic plan.

Mark Johnson, MD, MPH (Chair)  
Lesley Brooks, MD
Danielle Coleman, MSC 
Jeremy Lazarus, MD
Evan Manning, MD
Leto Quarles, MD  
Jack Markusfeld, MD
Bryan Campbell, CMS staff

COMPAC (Colorado Medical Society Political Action Committee) Board of Directors

COMPAC Board of Directors reviews all candidate endorsements, based on input by local physicians and the CMS Government Affairs division, and decides which candidates to endorse and at what level.

Patrick Pevoto, MD (Chair)
David Beck, MD
John O. “Jack” Cletcher, MD
Sami Diab, MD
Ramnik Dhaliwal, MD
Mark Johnson, MD
Rachelle Klammer, MD
Lucy Loomis, MD
Lee Morgan, MD
Travis Morrell, MD
Edward Norman, MD
Lynn Parry, MD
Sean Pauzauskie, MD
Carol Stamm, MD
Christopher Unrein, DO
Michael Volz, MD
Kim Warner, MD
Emily Bishop, CMS staff

CMS-CPMG Governing Council

Kim Warner, MD (Chair) 
Christopher Fellenz, MD
Shannon Jantz, MD
Eleanor Jensen, DO
Nora Reznickova, MD
Alison Sandberg, MD
Ashley Wheeler, MD
Bryan Campbell, CMS staff (lead)

CME In-House Advisory Function

Michael J Pramenko, MD (Chair)
Gene Richer, CMS staff

Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA)

This is an active committee that considers any issue under its jurisdiction, often by directive of the CMS Board of Directors.

Lynn Parry, MD (Chair)
Elizabeth Lowdermilk, MD (Vice-Chair)
Paul Anderson, MD 
Elizabeth Grace, MD
Clara Raquel Epstein, MD
Katie Lozano, MD, FACR
Mark Levine, MD
Jacob Mathew, DO
Todd Mydler, MD
Debra Parsons, MD, MACP
Sean Pauzauskie, MD
Vivian Rajeswaren
Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH, FACP, Special Advisor
Dean Holzkamp, CMS staff (lead)

Council on Legislation (COL)

This very active committee meets twice a month during the Colorado legislative session (January-May) to determine positions on bills under consideration by the legislature, and between meetings holds discussions and votes on a secure file-sharing platform.

Kim Warner, MD (Chair) 
Sami Diab, MD
Ramnik Dhaliwal, MD
Scott Dhupar, MD
Dave Downs, MD
Clara Raquel Epstein, MD
Kristin Freestone, MD
John Froelich, MD
Dakota Hitchcock, MSS
Jeremy Huff, DO 
Shannon Jantz, MD 
Mark B. Johnson, MD
George Kalousek, MD 
Alan Kimura, MD, MPH
Rachelle Klammer, MD
Rachel Landin
Steven Lowenstein, MD, MPH 
Matt Manry, MD
Jason Mayer, MD
Lee Morgan, MD
Carla Murphy, DO
Todd Mydler, MD
Paul Nielson, MD 
David Ormond, MD, CMD, PhD, FACS
Stacy Parra, MD
Lynn Parry, MD
Richard Penaloza, MD
James Rager, MSS
Allison Sandberg, MD 
Megan Stinar, MD
Donna Sullivan, MD 
Darlene Tad-y, MD
Kathleen “Kiki” Traylor, MD
Christopher Unrein, DO
Usha Varma, MD
Michael Volz, MD
Bruce Waring, MD
Patricia Weber, MD
Anna Weyand, MD
Anne Wester, MD
Emily Bishop, CMS staff (lead)

Scope of Practice Committee

Lee Morgan, MD (Chair)
Lynn Parry, MD (Vice-chair)
Ramnik Dhaliwal, MD, JD
Kamran Dastoury, MD, DDS
Sami Diab, MD
Casey Dolen, MD
Jeremy Huff, DO
Rebecca Kornas, MD, FACEP
Ian Liu
Mark B. Johnson, MD, MPH
Lindsey Pearson, MD
Patrick Pevoto, MD
Irene Stanciu, MD
Emily Bishop, CMS staff (lead)

Nominating Committee

This committee examines the process for nominating candidates for CMS leadership positions, encourages future leaders to apply, monitors the notification process for the call for nominations, and screens all nominees.

Bob Yakely, MD (Chair)   
Aaron Jones, MSC  
Brent Keeler, MD   
Jeremy Lazarus, MD   
Chris Linares, MD   
Michael J Pramenko, MD
Dean Holzkamp, CMS staff

Committee on Physician Wellbeing

This committee directs the activities of CMS that pertain to physician wellness and burnout prevention.

Deborah Saint-Phard, MD (Chair)
Donna Sullivan, MD (Vice-chair)  
Dianne Ansari-Winn, MD, MPH  
Clara Raquel Epstein, MD  
Lucy Loomis, MD  
Grace Cheney, MD
Clark Zimmerman, MD
Matthew Husa, MD
Dianna Fetter, CMS staff

Substance Use Disorder Committee

This committee directs the activities of CMS that pertain to substance use disorder, prescription drug abuse, the opioid epidemic, and other related topics.

Jonathan Clapp, MD (Chair)  
Shannon Jantz, MD (Vice-chair) 
J. Scott Bainbridge, MD  
Ken Finn, MD  
Elizabeth Lowdermilk, MD
Donald Stader, MD
Amy Goodman, CMS staff (lead)

Committee on Professional Education and Accreditation (CPEA)

This committee oversees CMS’s ACCME-Recognized Accreditor program.

Joel Dickerman, DO (Chair)
Brenda Bucklin, MD  
Sharisse Rehring-Arnold, MD
Kristin Wallick, MD 
Gene Richer, CMS staff

Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Committee (WCPIC)

This committee directs the activities of CMS that pertain to workers’ compensation and any other personal injury-related issues.

Kathryn Mueller, MD (Chair)  
Lynn Parry, MD (Vice-chair)  
Tom Denberg, MD 
Rob Kawasaki, MD
X.J Ethan (James E.) Moses, MD, MPH, FACOEM
John Hughes, MD
Jim McLaughlin, MD
Daniel Berliner, MD
Bart Goldman, MD
Margaret Cook-Shimanek, MD, Special guest
Amy Goodman, CMS staff

CMS Foundation

Gary VanderArk, MD (Chair) 
Jack L Berry, MD
John O Cletcher Jr, MD 
Dean Coddington 
Denise Denton
Mark Deutchman, MD 
Brenda Higgins 
Denny O’Malley 
Lowell Palmquist 
Robert B Sawyer, MD 
Edie Sonn
Dianna Fetter, CMS staff

CMS Education Foundation

Jerry J Appelbaum, MD (Chair)
Jack L Berry, MD
Elinor T Christiansen, MD
Mark Deutchman, MD
Dave Downs, MD, FACP
Mark Levine, MD
Patrick Pevoto, MD, RPh, MBA
William G Rainer Jr, MD
James R Regan, MD
David Ross, DO, FACEP
Dianna Fetter, CMS staff

Committee on Value in Health Care

This committee oversees CMS activities that relate to health care costs and quality, including prospective bills, rules and regulations, as well as other initiatives.

Joe Forrester, MD (Chair)  
Kyle Leggott, MD (Vice-chair)  
Christina "Tina" Finlayson, MD
Jan Gillespie, MD
Alan Kimura, MD, MPH
Michael Pramenko, MD  
Alwin Steinmann, MD  
Darlene Tad-y, MD
Christie Reimer, MD
Elizabeth Kraft, MD, MHS
Sami Diab, MD
Lisa Kettering, MD
Amy Goodman, CMS staff

Employed Physician Task Force

Members of this task force will measure the viability of a permanent CMS entity that would specifically support employed physician members.

Alwin Steinmann, MD (Chair) 
Kartiki Churi, MD
Alexios-Clark C Constantinides, DO
Christie Reimer, MD
Joseph Billig, MD
Nicola Demacopoulos, MD
Diana Breyer, MD
Elizabeth Cruse, MD
Elizabeth Withers, MD
Lucy Loomis, MD
Joel Boulder, MD
Paige Brophy, CMS staff

Independent Physician Task Force

Members of this task force will measure the viability of a permanent CMS entity that would specifically support independent physician members.

Omar Mubarak, MD, MBA (Chair)
Alan Aboaf, MD
Almad Alsaleem, MD
John Bender, MD
Andy Catron, MD
Sami Diab, MD
Michael Moore, MD
Leto Quarles, MD
Christine Stone, MD 
Paige Brophy, CMS staff