Candidate for CMS President-elect

Sami George Diab, MD

It is an honor to be considered for the position of president-elect of the Colorado Medical Society. As the landscape of health care continues to pose new challenges, CMS plays a critical role in addressing issues in public policy, physician wellbeing, and communication. I would like your support to work tirelessly with CMS to make a difference in the professional lives of physicians in Colorado and to improve the health of Coloradans and the Colorado health care system.

I view leadership in health care as a three-legged stool of service: service to patients, to our clinical colleagues, and to the public interest. Each has its own challenges yet is considered in concert with the others. These challenges include, but are not limited to:

Public/governmental policy

  • Addressing the opioid crisis

  • Considering value-based care as an approach for improving quality and containing the unsustainable
    rise in cost of health care

  • Navigating ethical challenges related to conflict of interest and transparency in health care; these
    issues can be addressed through powered ethic committees and legislation

Physician wellbeing/employment/other issues

  • Enhancing the dialogue about resilience and wellness to include the systems-level contributors of burnout

  • Addressing the unique needs of the increasing numbers of employed physicians

  • Exploring mechanisms to avoid potential conflicts of interest between patients’ and physicians’ interests

  • Addressing scope of practice of other non-physicians working with patients

  • Advancing the science of medicine through unrestricted access to research


  • Increasing membership involvement and numbers with outreach to physicians at all stages of their careers and across all practice settings

  • Utilizing strategies to increase physician awareness of ongoing important work performed by CMS

CMS has a direct responsibility to advocate for honest, tough and open system changes, provide direct assistance to its membership, and support an environment where medicine is practiced on a foundation of caring and evidence rather than fear

I believe that my experience in practice and organizational management, my dedication and passion for advocacy, and my formal leadership training combine to make me uniquely qualified to serve in CMS leadership.

My experience includes:

  • Member, CMS Board of Directors

  • Member, Rocky Mountain Cancer Center (RMCC) Board of Directors

  • Member, RMCC Quality Committee, Managed Care Committee

  • Member, Research Executive Counsel RMCC and U.S. Oncology

  • Chair, Health One Institutional Review Board

  • Member, Medical Executive Committee at the Medical Center of Aurora (TMCA)

  • Member, CMS and U.S. Oncology Committees on Physician Wellbeing

  • Leader of several Quality Improvement Task Forces at the University of Texas San Antonio and RMCC

I would be honored to serve all of you in this position and to work tirelessly to understand your concerns. I ask for your support to become president-elect of CMS to represent the interests of our patients, our profession and the public of Colorado.

Curriculum Vitae: Click here


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