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For more than 30 years, Favorite Healthcare Staffing continues to set the standard for quality, service, and integrity in the Colorado healthcare community. With preferred pricing for CMS members, Favorite’s comprehensive range of staffing and placement services can help physicians improve cost control, increase efficiency, and protect their revenue cycle. Visit Favorite’s CMS-member website, call 720-210-9409 or email MedicalStaffing@FavoriteStaffing.com

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Never Stress over HIPAA again. A leader in HIPAA compliance programs.

Free HIPAA consultation + 10% discount off products and services.

Provide savings to your patients of up to 75% on prescription drugs at over 68,000 retail pharmacies.

A free statewide prescription assistance program that never sells, shares or distributes your patients’ information.

COPIC Financial Service Group offers insurance, financial planning, and group retirement solutions for you and your practice.

Receive unbiased advice and get access to Delta Dental association group plans and discounted disability program.

#1 Medical Liability Insurance Company in Colorado.

CMS members receive a 10 percent premium discount from COPIC.

Specializing in: Family, Luxury, Group, Reunions, Romance, Business Travel.

Never a service fee! Expert, certified, full-service travel advisors.

4.9* rated Denver provider of medical transcription services. We can interface with your EHR/EMR

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Setting the standard for quality, service and integrity in the Colorado Health Care community for 30 years.

Preferred pricing for CMS members plus save up to 38% on permanent placement services. Additional discounts available.

Owned and operated by the CMS, MTC offers daytime and night time medical answering services, appointment confirmations, & more!

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Mary Jo Heins is a former medical practice manager. She now helps people with all facets of Medicare.

Medicare Education = Informed Patients
Fee Free Service

A nationwide digital bank built for doctors, by doctors. They can help with personal lending, student loan refinance, or any finance need for your practice.

Cash back on personal loans and member discount on commercial loans.

The leader in practice growth with the only all-in-one solution that empowers health care providers to improve every digital touch point of the patient journey.

$1,000 discount to members who purchase Patient Pop foundation platform services.

One of Denver’s oldest wealth management firms, offering comprehensive financial planning and investment strategies to help you thrive at any stage in life.

Waiver of the initial financial planning fee (Value starting at $2,000+ depending on complexity of plan)

Colorado’s largest fleet management service, providing quick, unbiased, telephone answers to all your new car buying questions without charge.

Get your next vehicle through this benefit and save between $1,000- $7,000 with fixed pricing and a 15-minute delivery process.

Founded in 2020, the Colorado Medical Society Partners in Medicine program is a forum to develop an open dialogue between industry leaders and the physician members of the Colorado Medical Society in the furtherance of patient care and helping physicians achieve personal and professional satisfaction.

The Colorado Medical Society (CMS) maintains a strict policy of independence from corporate and commercial influences, such as those related to specific companies, products, or services. The CMS Board of Directors strictly enforces this​ policy. Participation in the Partners in Medicine program does not influence any of CMS's policies, positions or endeavors. Fundamentally, everything that CMS does is driven by our mission to provide education and engage in advocacy, support awareness, and work to raise the overall standard of health care in Colorado.

While CMS analyzes the quality and viability of our Partners in Medicine, participation does not confer any conditions of purchase, use, or guarantee of products or services by CMS.

Before you make a purchase, we recommend you perform your own due diligence.

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